MyTime Online Service Assistant Debuts; Get All Services You Need for Free

February 9, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Do you know what is the easiest thing to do in the internet? Many people have voted checking mails and shopping on as the answers.

However, the answer to the toughest thing was searching online for a local service. But all this is going to change as MyTime is here. It is an online facility using which anyone can find all the services he is looking for both locally and in other states without paying a dime for the search.

Booking appointments have also come to a new level as MyTime is kind of an expert in it too. Entrepreneur Ethan Anderson has done a great job with MyTime and this might be the most popular startup in the coming weeks.


MyTime allows you to find, book and pay for services like car repair, auto detailing, hair styling, massages, acupuncture, and more. MyTime will show you what the prices are, depending on the dates and will provide you with online payment facility using your credit card information.

MyTime will also send you a reminder when your appointment is coming up and by chance if you don’t like the service or are unhappy with the merchant, MyTime will give you a guaranteed full refund.

On the merchant side, MyTime offers the ability to integrate with 12 different calendaring systems, including iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook and others.
Once the calendar is shared, whenever a consumer books an appointment this is automatically updated in the merchant calendar as well.

A merchant can opt-in to a service that allows MyTime to dynamically change the price at certain times when they don’t have as much traffic. The merchant can set a price range, with a floor, and the startup will offer pricing accordingly.

MyTime will provide a free platform for creating profiles for a business on the site, but the company won’t promote you on their site and through AdWords, and Facebook marketing.

The paid model, in which MyTime takes 40 percent of each transaction, includes pushing ads for the business on social networks and Google, as well as the dynamic pricing and promotion of certain appointment times.

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