DropTag Sensor Checks Whether Your Package Has Been Dropped or Damaged

February 8, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There have been so many occasions in which many of us had to face broken items in a shipped package and all those moments were very sad. To put an end to this misery, a new sensor has been made to detect whether the packages have been put under some excessive force.

So in effect, these sensors, called DropTags, can monitor whether the packages are dropped or damaged anywhere in between the source and destination.

The DropTag gadget consists of a battery, a low-energy Bluetooth transmitter, an accelerometer and a memory chip. Pasted on a parcel as it leaves an e-commerce warehouse, it logs any g-forces above a preset shock level that it experiences.


The idea is that when the courier puts it in the user’s hands, they will have to turn on the Bluetooth of their smartphone that has a DropTag app. Then the app scans the package.

A readout will then show what had happened to the parcel in transit. There is the option of a graph that shows the user if the box has been mistreated and when.

If it has clearly been beaten up, user can withdraw himself from signing the package and refuse delivery. The sensor tag costs $2 and will run on a coin battery for many weeks. There may be incentives for the parcel deliverer to reuse it after scanning.

If you have the habit of going through tech news, you might remember the people behind this DropTag idea. These guys are the Cambridge Consultants’ wireless group, who were on front page last year for their Bluetooth-powered automatic gear changer for a bike.

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