Coda One Bluetooth Speaker Works as a Handset, Stereo Speaker and Speaker Phone

February 7, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There are many Bluetooth speakers out there and some are calibrated uniquely to give out amazing voice clarity and loudness. But the manufacturers of Coda One wanted it to be different.

With the enhanced productivity this device offers, the Coda One can act as handset, stereo speaker as well as a speaker phone at the same time. This is quite amazing considering the fact that it is a very elegant and simple device.

The only thing non-matching with the device is its YouYube ad that could have been shot in a more attractive way. But the product is totally worth the buy.


This dual-speaker device can also be switched to handset mode and held to your face like a standard phone to allow for private conversations.

While not essential for phone users, it is a helpful addition that can be used for VOIP calls on tablets, bringing you closer to a traditional phone experience.

As a wider array of increasingly smart and agile devices enter our lives, we need accessories that keep up with the action. Wireless, hands-free Bluetooth speaker boxes for cars aren’t exactly a new development, but the flexibility of DriveNTalk ‘s Coda One makes it much more appealing than the average peripheral.

The Coda One pairs easily via Bluetooth 3.0 and remembers the last eight devices it paired with, allowing you to use it with a range of family and friends’ phones and tablets. A single tap of the MFB(button on the edge) will answer or reject a call, while holding it down pops up Siri or Vlingo.

Additionally, when placing or receiving a call, the user is given the option on the iPhone to use the Coda One  or the device itself. Priced at $99.99, it does sound as an affordable price when the device is considered.

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