Jawbone Acquires MassiveHealth and Visere to Help with Wearable Computing

February 5, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Jawbone, a wearable computing hardware company, is acquiring the design agency, Visere, along with mobile app maker, MassiveHealth. The amount for which Jawbone is purchasing both these companies are unknown, but it should be a large amount, and Jawbone would be planning something huge to have taken such a step.

Jawbone started out as a company that manufactured headsets for mobile phones, and about two years back, they shifted track to expand into wearable computers.

The company’s wearable computing hardware requires a user-friendly interface that could make the experience more meaningful for the user, and that’s what Jawbone hopes to create with these two companies.


MassiveHealth is known for their Eatery app that won a lot of critical acclaim.

It was a startup by well-known designer and UX thinker Aza Raskin, and although it kicked off with a burst, it failed to maintain that momentum, even with a winning app on board.

Raskin is now joining Jawbone, after earlier working for Mozilla. Visere, on the other hand, has had experience working with Nike in the past, and their fort is full with talent, waiting to be utilized.

According to Jawbone CEO, Hosain Rahman, the acquisition of both these will add 25 people into its software, data and design teams. As of now, around 40 percent of the 300-plus employees in Jawbone work on software.

Rahman says that a year back they didn’t have anyone working on their data, but now they have 15 people on board, and that is expected to grow.

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