Facebook Outing App That Can Track Your Friends

February 5, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There is a Facebook app incoming, which is capable of locating your friends for you in real life, and not just on screen. The app is yet to be named, and hopefully it will have one when it lands next month.

To summarize what the app would do in a nutshell is that it would track your friends’ location and share that location with you and your nearby friends. The app will function and track even if it hasn’t been opened recently.

Facebook hasn’t come out with any helpful hints. But on a broader spectrum, we can say that the app functions similar to Foursquare, Highlight, Google’s Latitude and Apple’s Find My Friends.


The best part of these apps are that you can find company nearby if you are strolling aimlessly. But then, it also does interfere a bit into your privacy and moreover, your device’s battery would be drained of juice quicker than normal.

But not many customers have embraced these apps. A major factor for that could be attributed to its inadequate network.

Since not many people are into these apps, it doesn’t really prove useful. But Facebook has over a billion users, so when the social networking giant rolls out its app, it might find a bit more success than the others.

The app is not to be confused as a new feature of the social media. It will be released as a standalone app. They would probably have it out beside their mobile app but not inside it.

If users flock to it like moths to a flame, then Facebook would have struck another goldmine.

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