Flowing Effect Power Cords from Adafruit Blink the Way Power Flows

February 4, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Power cords are usually shunned to a corner after we are done charging our devices with them. We don’t particularly pay any attention to them and only look for them when the battery cries out.

Bet people would be more interested in their power cables if they were cooler than just being a black stretch of wire. That’s why Adafruit Industries is in business.

Their website offers a place where you can find any kit needed to demonstrate your hacking skill. There are many products up for purchase in the online store, and the one that catches many eyes is the new ‘Flowing Effect’ cables .


No matter whether you need a cable for Lightning or microUSB or a 30 pin, Adafruit will bring one flowing for you. Have you noticed those 30 foot battery powered flowing cables?

Well, these are miniature models of about 2.5 foot. There is an inverter in the cables that will suck a little power while you charge your device.

But when connected to the laptop or mobile, you won’t notice whether your device is charging a little slow. The power flowing through the cable is depicted by a blue light that flows through the middle of the cable.

Adafruit offers these cables in either black or white with the blue light in the middle. A microUSB or 30-pin cable will set you back by $14.95.

If you are going for a Lightning cable, you would have to pay double the above amount. Check out Adafruit store to choose your cable.

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