BowBlade Allows Gamers to Shoot Arrows in Their Smartphones

February 4, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Most of us play games on our smartphones and sometimes we use accessories to make the gameplay more realistic. For example, the AppBlaster, which is a gun-like device, allows you to play first-person shooters on your smartphone, by mounting your mobile on it.

There’s another such device, but this one allows you to shoot arrows instead of bullets. It’s called the BowBlade and can hold your smartphone while you display your archery skills.

A Canadian chiropractor, Ron Green, invented the BowBlade to merge fitness with gaming. So, the device is also usable without hooking it onto a smartphone, and can fill the role of a stand-alone exercise unit.


There are two vertically-oriented blades made from “airplane strength material” connected to each other. The front blade acts like the bow, and can be held with one arm, while the other one can be drawn back like a string.

The whole apparatus weighs a little under four pounds (1.8kg). The smartphone is mounted on the front blade where the user can watch the screen and the gameplay.

There’s a phone-mount-located hammer mechanism that taps the screen to fire the arrows. The working mechanism is as follows.

A string connects the hammer and the rear blade to the point where the user’s index finger is. The finger resides inside a ring that is attached to the end of the string.

When the rear blade is drawn, the string comes under tension and when the tension is almost sufficient to activate the hammer, then it can be felt in the ring. When the time is right to fire a shot, just pull the ring back with the finger and that will give it the required tension to fire an arrow.


The BowBlade is compatible with 35 iOS and Android games, which means you can have some pretty good times, and Hunger Games being one on the list would provide fans with more leverage. The blade tension is adjustable and can be adjusted for intense workouts.

Interested users can pre-order the device and depending on the specific model, the prices vary from US$185 to $230. The units will start shipping in April.

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