Toray Announces Touchscreen Films That Heals from Scratches and are Fingerprint Free

February 1, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The frequent scratches and fingerprint marks on a new smartphone screen does bother us initially, but then we cease to get bummed by it as they are inevitable. But they needn’t stay forever if you have Toray’s touchscreen films.

Toray, a Japanese company, had brought forth last year two different types of touchscreen films with some cool qualities. One film was able to repair small scratches on the screen within 10 seconds at room temperature.

This film, on a touchscreen display, gives a clear screen as it allows 90 percent of the light to pass through. The other film that Toray developed worked on minimizing the fingerprint build up on screens.


The company developed the screen with incorporating a wrinkled nanometer surface or also known as wet coating. Since the surface is wrinkled, the surface area with which your finger could come in contact with was very less, thus effectively reducing the transfer of oil onto the film; an oil-repellant was also added in addition to decrease the build-up even further.

Both these films were showcased last year, and now during the Nanotech 2013, the company announced that they have merged both the films. So their self repairing film can also reduce the fingerprint build-up.

They did this by applying the anti-fingerprint solution to the other film. The end result is a touchscreen film that can heal from minor scratches as well as remain fingerprint-free.

Toray had enhanced their anti-fingerprint solution so that it will also remove any dirt that accumulates. But the film, allegedly, isn’t as efficient as the one they debuted last year.

But having such a touchscreen film on your smartphone is definitely worth, especially if you don’t carry your smartphone around in a case. You don’t have to worry about your fingerprints smudging or your nails scratching the screen.

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