Ivy Guide Translator Pen Projects Translations

January 30, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Yes, it is indeed a futuristic gadget. Live translation without copy pasting into a translator? That’s cool.

The Ivy Guide Mini-translator is such a device that will give its user live translation to a word he desires to see in another language. Currently capable of translating Chinese to English and vice versa, this device is just in its prototype stage.

But when it comes out, its going to be a massive hit for sure. This amazing translation-enabled pen is named Ivy Guide as it guides the users who have difficulties in understanding an unknown language. This device can fit into the size of a pencil or pen and can scan words.


It can project the translation directly on to the given paper or document. One can check out the images and video of the pen for better understanding.

This pen will have a scanner at its tip and when the pointer is scrolled through the text, it will be able to scan. It will also come with flexible sponge in order to adjust to any kind of writing tool.

When the translate button is pressed, the readers will be able to read the underline of the text. The underlined text will be translated in the chosen language and this can be cleared by pressing one more time.

The scanner can be directly connected via USB for easy charging. The three designers involved in the making of this Ivy Guide pen are Li Ke, Sun Jiahao, Shi Jian.

With international students crossing borders and the global community shrinking, this could prove to be a beneficial device.

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