Apple Rumored to be Prepping Next-Gen iPhone Components

January 29, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s been weeks since there has been any movement in the next gen iPhone speculations, but it looks like that silence is broken now. There are some photos that have surfaced in the internet and these are claimed to be that of the components of the next generation iPhone.

The photos were first seen on the french website called and these photos are said to show the speaker components of the upcoming iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. In that particular blog, it was written that the iPhone 5S will be rolling out in mid-2013 and the iPhone 6 will be unveiled by the end of the year.

That’s a pretty hectic timeline but no one is sure as Apple hasn’t yet commented on these photos. It’s definitely impossible to tell whether or not these parts are official, but NowhereElse. fr does have a solid track record when it comes to leaked iPhone parts.


It’s hard to believe that Apple is working on iPhone 6 parts. A plausible explanation could be that Apple is testing different parts for the iPhone 5S.

It’s not uncommon for Apple to test out multiple parts and prototypes of a device before making any final decisions. Apple has traditionally alternated between brand-new designs and tweaked designs for its annual iPhone releases.

As a result, it’s of little surprise to find that leaked details surrounding Apple’s plans for the smartphone market in 2013 revolve around a tweaked iPhone 5 design, dubbed the iPhone 5S, rather than a brand-new design that would launch as the iPhone 6.

With rumors piling up about low cost iPhone 5S models, that will be having plastic back cases, the tech world can now dig deep into more rumors of next gen iPhones more than ever.

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