Amazon Introducing IVONA Voice Recognition Software to Take Down Siri

January 25, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apart from the iPhone legacy, if there was one thing with which Apple had a breakthrough, it was Siri. The personal assistant debuted with the iPhone 4S and users had a kind of love-hate relationship with Siri ever since.

While Siri might not be the brightest personal assistant, it certainly did beat the other voice recognition fellows in the market. But Siri’s rule of dominance might face a threat from none other than Amazon.

The online retail giant is planning to oust their very own personal assistant to battle with Siri. The name is IVONA, and some might have already heard of her.


The company already has integrated IVONA in some of their products, like in Kindle Fire where IVONA is used for its text-to-speech, voice commands, and Explore by Touch features.

Amazon said that the Polish-based text-to-speech technology company, IVONA software, has been acquired by them.

With their new voice recognition feature, Amazon hopes to deliver better features on their upcoming tablets, which could give them a foothold against the race with the iPad and the Galaxy Nexus.

Moreover, there are rumors of Amazon working on a smartphone, and with IVONA, the voice service section could comfortably stand against the likes of iPhone and Samsung’s flagships.

How many of you are in love with Siri? Do you think IVONA could take on Apple’s personal assistant without much fight?

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