PushBullet Android App Brings Speed into File Transfers

January 24, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android is the most preferred platform for developers who aim to showcase their apps. Currently, the platform is riding high on success, having overtaken the others in being the most widely used operating system.

One main reason is that Android has got a bigger area for showcasing experiences that other platforms don’t have. Also Google’s recent updates have provided a more stable and solid platform.

PushBullet is one such app that makes use of Android’s features like notifications, file system, and push messaging.The app is a good way to transfer content from your PC to your phone without sweating too much.


Users get the option of sending three different text notifications, and can also transfer files from their PC browser to their android device. The app is relatively easy to work with.

Installing the app will take you to the PushBullet website where you can manage your devices.

There isn’t any added hassle of entering Login names and PINs as the application makes use of Google Apps to connect to a phone or tablet. Selecting your Google account in the app and on the website would complete the process.

All your devices would be displayed on the website, so you just need to choose one or more than one to push content. On the interface, you will see four tabs, one for each of the three kinds of notifications and one for file push.

The file push is an integral part of PushBullet and it is what makes the app stand out. All you have to do is to select the file tab on the website and choose the file you want to send and it will be flying over to you device then and there.

Moreover, the file will be saved to your download folder. The sending is quite fast, but it also depends on the connection of your Internet.

The only drawback you might find is that you can’t send anything bigger than 5MB. But future updates might rectify that.

The app will keep track of all your messages on your phone that you have sent, which is pretty useful when u find that you have deleted a particular notification that you need later. The notification will be nestled in PushBullet, and all you need to do is tap the restore button.

PushBullet is really useful, and even though the current features are great, future updates would give the app a better shine. Moreover, the app is free, so go ahead and download it.

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