Apple iPhone 5-inch Version Might Happen; But Not Until 2014

January 24, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With rumors piling up about every possible iPhone we can imagine, it isn’t a big deal when some random made up photos show 5-inch iPhones.

Though these images are made up, there is a strong chance that Apple might consider releasing a 5-inch iPhone just around the end of 2014.

Other manufacturers have already moved on to the 5-inch device style and Apple will also join them at some point of time. The only question remaining is exactly when.

Based on some speculative news in the tech-world, Apple is looking to release two 4-inch iPhones to feature in-cell touch technology. One of the new phones will be targeted toward the mid-range market.


There have been a few articles circulating about the Cupertino-based company looking into producing more budget-friendly iPhones. This reduction in price is achieved by Apple by changing the main manufacturing material into plastic, say the rumors.

The big news is that the screens will stay at 4-inches diagonal and feature the in-cell tech. But before Apple can release any new iPhones, it may have to sort out some production problems.

The in-cell technology fuses together the LCD and the touchscreen elements of the display into one layer. The combination of the two layers allows the phone to be much thinner, but is also harder to produce.

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