Analysts Predict Microsoft Would Sell Xbox to Focus on Windows

January 23, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sometimes, ridiculous notions crop up in the Internet, regarding prospective business plans of big companies. One such rumor that’s circulating among analysts is that Microsoft may sell of its entertainment division in the coming years.

This latest opinion comes from Forbes analyst Adam Hartung, and he even predicts Sony or Barnes & Noble as prospective buyers. And if at all Microsoft decides against the sale, the company might make a drastic reduction in size of their said division.

There are reasons as to why Hartung says so. The main factor is Windows 8 and its poor sales in the market.


Coupled to that, there’s the added pressure of the Surface RT tablet not rising to expectations. Microsoft’s heavy dependence on Windows and Office for revenue is a big factor, supposedly, in turning to plucking off their entertainment wing.

Ditching their entertainment division means doing away with the Xbox legacy. According to Hartung, 60 percent of Microsoft employees will be out of jobs by 2016, and the company will shift its focus to Windows and even cut away Bing too.

But whatever the analyst might predict, it is quite hard to swallow a future where Microsoft would get rid of the Xbox. The console is right on top of the race with Sony’s PS3 and the company is slated to release the Xbox 720 this year.

Moreover, Microsoft has turned the Xbox from being just a console to an entertainment unit for the family. So it does seem silly to shed off their most popular division.

There wouldn’t be a more shocking news to consumers than hearing Microsoft selling the Xbox. The brand has become so synonymous with the company that giving it away might not augur well for the company.

I find it hard to believe that Microsoft would cut of a well recognized branch to focus on their Windows. Would you like to see the Xbox go?

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