President Obama Inauguration Brings Twitter to its Knees

January 22, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What’s the first thing that President Barack H. Obama encountered at his inauguration? A down and almost out Twitter indeed!

Oh yeah, that’s true folks. The microblogging site saw itself being brought to its knees, thanks to a peculiar case of tweet overload.

After the outage started by around 2 pm, Twitter chirped about issues faced by many a user, and the problems were by and large intermittent.

The issue carried on with many users able to receive updates and post to Twitterat times and not able a little later.


It is being estimated that during President Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day events, about 1.1 million tweets were sent and all of them referred to the ceremony.

That number in fact put to shame the 82,392 tweets sent during the President’s 2009 ceremony!

Outages may not be so uncommon in the social media space, but this time around Twitter faced a barrage of blows from the Tweeting public. With such a number of messages triggered from its platform, the microblogging site must have forgotten the last major outage that happened in early November.

Twitter also made it a point to go troubleshooting on an emergency basis and has updated via the Twitter Status Blog that the issue has been resolved. Back to Tweeting, Tweeps!

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