Phablets Likely to Ascend the Throne of Tech Kingdom

January 21, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, first it was the desktop computer, then the laptops, then the mobile phones and now after the rule of tablets, the tech world is interested in rooting for phablets. The definitive proof for this shift in voting can be attributed to people’s interest in big screens along with their urge of voice calling.

So in short, the phablet will be the most sought after tech gadget in the coming months. IHS ISuppli, a research and advisory firm, is forecasting the number of shipments for these so-called phablets to double in 2013 from last year.

According to a report on Wednesday, IHS ISuppli expects phone manufacturers to ship 60.4 million phablets. That would be up 136% from the 25.6 million shipped in 2012.


According to the report, the firm also expects the phablet market to continue growing and reach as many as 146 million shipped units in 2016. The popularity of phablet devices have grown significantly since the launch of the Galaxy Note.

In January 2013, IHS reported that 25.6 million phablet devices were sold in 2012. The first device to be considered a “phablet” was the Streak, an Android smartphone released by Dell in 2010.

While the device received attention for its large 5-inch, 800 x 480 pixel display (during a period where smartphones with 3-inch displays were still relatively common) and widescreen-optimized interface, reviewers encountered various issues with its software (including its use of Android 1.6, which was already out of date at the time of its release). Ultimately, the Streak was commercially unsuccessful.

But as soon as the Samsung Note rolled out, the new reign began silently. Yet another techie who thinks that the era of Phablets are not far away is Mr. Harding.

Deloitte lead media partner Clare Harding said that contrary to previous years, when micro-sized devices were all the rage, consumers are now demanding supersized phones with larger screens. So there you go; phablets will be the talk of the town and if you don’t want to be left behind, do consider yourself buying one soon.

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