Nokia Lumia 820 Personalized Handset Cases are the New Fad

January 21, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nokia has been brilliant in all the things they do and this time they have gone a step forward with their idea of fun. With the release of all the things one need to build their own personal handset case for the Nokia Lumia 820, Nokia proves that the Lumia phones are built for each individual and even their phones perpetuates their individuality.

The Nokia Lumia 820, unveiled in September, includes removable shell cases that lets users switch up the color of their phone or enable things like wireless charging. With this case making, this smartphone just got better in every way.

Traditionally, mobile entrepreneurs had to focus on the software due to the manufacturing constraints that were involved. But 3D printing can open up a new world of gadget possibilities.


Nokia claims that it’s the first major phone company to release 3D templates for hardware. It’s certainly a bold move for a big corporate company to allow users to remix its design.

Nokia says it uses 3D printers internally for rapid prototyping of devices but envisages 3D printing having a much larger role to play in smartphone design in future. There are also guidelines and suggestions on what materials to use in order to maintain integrity and ensure that the working aspect of the phone is not hampered in any way.

It’s a bit confusing actually considering that 3D printing is not that affordable at present. But it will be interesting to see what those with the right tools can create.

For the rest of the Lumia 820 owners, a wide collection of swappable cases are already available, including different color schemes and more rugged shells for greater protection. To get the 3DK, you need to visit two separate developer pages to download the files.

Both can be found on

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