New York Artist Designs Stealth Hoodies to Cheat Surveillance Cameras

January 21, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Privacy is a term that is indeed debatable, especially since each and every corner is scrutinized by surveillance cameras and drones for domestic surveillance. The FBI uses the Stingray system to track cell phones, and even those who lead simple, normal lives with nothing to hide feel their personal lives are on display.

No one likes it, and Adam Harvey, a  New York-based artist, has shown his displeasure with a new innovation. He’s designed an anti-surveillance clothing that is capable of hiding one from snooping eyes.

Adam Harvey has been on track, researching about surveillance and its effect on society and last year he had designed a face make-up called CVDazzle that could defy face recognition. This time, to fool surveillance cameras, Harvey has come up with a set of hoodies and scarves that could shield the wearer from scanners.


The materials block thermal radiation from infrared sensors atop drones, thus making the person invisible to such scanners. The part covered by the material would show up black on display.

Harvey also designed cell phone pouches that could protect mobile devices from trackers by blocking the radio signals emitting from phones. He even designed a shirt which when worn could fool the X-rays at airports.

The materials he uses to build these items are specialized and expensive, and are not commercially available. But Harvey intends to put these up for sale soon.

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