Offers Girlfriends for Your Facebook Profile

January 21, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are single and feel bad about it on your social profile, here is a simple way. Just go to and pay those guys an amount of $39.99.

After that, just sit, do nothing, and lo, you get a girlfriend (at least virtually) in seconds. So how does these girls come out of nowhere?

The idea behind this huge brilliance (it’s the Facebook century, don’t you know?)  is quite simple. The website requests girls to allow access to their profile and for that they will be given some money.

Then afterwards these data gets sorted and tabulated to make fake profiles that will pose as virtual girlfriends to all the people who needs a girlfriend on Facebook. Pretty neat, ha?

With its roots in Brazil, this website is said to be almost foolproof. But the catch is posting a picture of you two together.

That’s something you may have to do using photo-editing sites, if need be. The NamoroFake website shows various plans for creating fake profiles available for a price ranging from $10 to $99.

The site can generate a fake girlfriend profile, which will be valid for 7 days with 10 comments for $39.00. A virtual girlfriend profile can be created for $99, which will be valid for one month.

Other profiles shown by the site are $10 Signifier, a fake profile valid for 3 days and $19 Ex-girlfriend fake profile valid for 7 days. Reports have quoted an official from the company saying that the social network with 900 million stronghold was making a “huge attempt” to erase fake profiles from its network.

By doing so, it aims to discourage the misuse of such fake profiles. So this site might have some issues with Facebook rules and regulations.

But whatever that might be, guys are going to definitely enjoy this treat while it lasts.

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