Silvercar Makes it Easier for You to Rent a Car at an Airport

January 18, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It has always been a tiring thing to book and take a car from car a rental service. So to better up our lives by mitigating that problem once and for all, a new service has started in Dallas.

Named the Silvercar, this car rental service utilities all the latest technology and provides you with hassle-free car rental services. Started yesterday in Dallas, this service currently has Audi A4s at its disposal and soon many airports will see the Silvercar services lining up their other vehicles as well.

Mobile integration is the prime part of the Silvercar experience. This means that there is no waiting in lines in front of counters if you are in for renting a car from Silvercar.


Travelers can book their reservations through the Silvercar app, available for download from the Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android. Web reservations and bookings through travel management companies are also available.

Once through the airport terminal, Silvercar customers will board DFW’s shuttle service to the consolidated car rental facility. The similarities to a traditional car rental, however, end there.

Silvercar customers won’t find check-in lines or traditional counters; rather, the entire customer experience is technology-enabled. Customers place reservations, select and unlock a vehicle (via a QR code), and even receive their receipt through a seamless smartphone user interface.

All the information from the users such as contact, payment and personal preference information is stored in a Silvercar profile on a secure cloud server. Every Silvercar vehicle comes equipped with Google Earth GPS navigation, Sirius/XM satellite radio, and a toll tag at no additional charge (toll fees will be applied to a customer’s bill).

Silvercar will charge users the local pump price for fuel plus a $5 service fee. Silvercar prices are at daily rates similar to those for full-size vehicles available from leading car rental services.

Silvercar co-founder and executive chairman Bill Diffenderffer, who himself has had decades of experience in the travel industry and has led the launch of the innovative airline Skybus as CEO, is confident that the upstart will find an audience among savvy travelers.

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