Alcohoot App Helps You Drink Responsibly [Video]

January 17, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With thousands of smartphone apps getting released every minute, an app can’t be said to be revolutionary unless it has the virtue of making our lives better. After so long, here comes one such app that could help its users in a much better way than all other current ones out there.

Called Alcohoot, it’s an innovative solution that could significantly reduce all the alcohol related road accidents once and for all. Using Bluetooth connectivity of your smartphone,  Alcohoot app analyses the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and guides you when your brain doesn’t work  sufficiently to keep you out of trouble.

Apart from alerting you about whether you are drunk or not, this system has so many other productive aspects. Just because you stopped drinking doesn’t mean your BAC is going down.


With the Alcohoot app, you can see graphs of your past results to determine if your BAC is going up or down over time. If your BAC is too high, you shouldn’t drive under any circumstance.

The Alcohoot app will order you a taxi quickly and easily. Also, if you need some resting time and some food, Alcohoot will use its restaurant locator facility to see what restaurants are open in your area.

It really can’t get better than this. Another nice feature is that even if you have not had anything to drink, an alert system is available to keep you awake while driving.

This feature makes your smartphone vibrate every 30 seconds so that you will be more vigilant while on the road. So there is nothing to wait for.

Do check out Alcohoot to make your life better.

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