Samsung T9000 Smart Fridge Tells You What to Cook

January 16, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Technology has given us smartphones, smart TVs and even smart toilets. Now there’s a smart fridge from Samsung, destined to make our kitchen a better place to work in.

The Korean company introduced the new tech during the CES 2013, and I must say, it would add a bit of color to the kitchen. There’s nothing out of the ordinary when you look at the fridge from outside, unless you count the 10-inch tablet that is placed on the 32 cubic capacity four door fridge.

It’s the tablet that does the techno work, running on Android operating system. It comes preloaded with an array of apps that could be used to make everyday stuffs like going out for groceries much easier.


One of the apps present is Evernote through which you can create and share your grocery lists. many a time we might have stepped outside to buy groceries only to find out that when we return we would have missed purchasing a few things.

With Evernote, those kinds of absent-mindedness can be eliminated. After you create your grocery list through the app, you can add other items you might need, and your partner will be able to get the updated list on their device while out purchasing.

Samsung has included a grocery manager on their smart fridge. You can input the items in your fridge, along with their expiration dates, so that the manager can notify you through a pop-up menu when a food item is going to expire on a given date.

Moreover, after sorting out and listing the items in your fridge, the device is able to search Epicurious using the ingredients in your fridge and suggest some recipes. That’s a nice function for days when you have no idea what to cook.

The name of the fridge is T9000 (like something out of a terminator movie, but it won’t come to life), and will be launched sometime this year. The device won’t come easy, for you have to pay a hefty sum of $4,000.

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