Microsoft Teased Next-Gen Xbox Sporting IllumiRoom Tech at CES 2013

January 16, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Anyone who have had their fair share of time in CES 2013 can infer that there hasn’t been a single booth reserved for Microsoft. It comes as a major blow to all those techies who thought they would see the next gen Xbox at this year’s CES.

But Microsoft did tease the next Xbox by showing off a trailer that depicts the IllumiRoom technology. Based on a Kinect and projector combination, IllumiRoom combines the virtual and physical worlds of a TV and living room for true augmented reality.

The groundbreaking display technology was first revealed via a Microsoft patent in September last year. According to the patent, the system will utilize a 3D depth camera to calculate the player’s position by emitting infrared light patterns.


The Microsoft patent also stated that the tech will tie into the rumored Kinect Glasses technology mentioned in a leaked Xbox 720 planning document. The demonstration started with an actor instructing the Xbox to ‘go big’.

Then a projection was seen from the Xbox console as if it scanned the room. Then images were projected onto nearby walls.

Microsoft didn’t explain why it chose to demo IllumiRoom with Samsung, but the companies have previously worked together on PixelSense tables and the components for Microsoft’s Surface tablet. More information on the concept system will be revealed at the CHI 2013 conference in Paris on April 27.

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