Fujitsu F-Series Flip Phones are Favorites Among Adulterers

January 15, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smartphone rage has flattened the era of feature phones and the old flip phones. But a certain section of the Japanese population still carries their flip phones with great care.

The prime factor is their security features that help men and women with their extra-marital lives. The old Fujitsu F-Series phones are the devices that help people with their privacy features.

Adulterers have taken to these devices so much that the F-Series have earned themselves a nickname too. They are popularly called “infidelity phones” in Japan.


This is one feature that most modern-day smartphones fail to carry. The extra protective blanket in the F-Series phones ensures that the user’s private applications are well and truly hidden.

The privacy settings render sensitive applications invisible, such that stuff like missed calls, text messages and emails from private contacts are subtly notified in a way only the user can know.

The changes occur in the phone’s UI, like a change in the battery symbol. If those changes are ignored then there won’t be any record of it in the phone’s log.

The privacy mode can be activated with a quick tap of a secret key combination. The feature certainly surpasses any other security feature I have seen in other phones.

Fujitsu obviously didn’t intend those features for an adulterer’s benefit, but integrated them with the intention of having stronger security for those handling high-profile and sensitive information. The company is now currently looking to update those features with a message-concealing feature and UI changes to some of their new products.

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