Corning Willow Glass is Flexible and Ultra-Thin

January 15, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Bendable screens certainly does seem to be the future of gadget displays. Currently, Gorilla Glass series from Corning reigns the displays of most devices.

The company is now en route to develop their next series, Willow Glass, with which they foray into the flexible glass territory. Willow Glass is so thin that it can curve to a deep arc without cracking or breaking.

Corning’s new glass is unbelievably thin, at 0.1 millimeter thickness, and extremely malleable within its plastic lamination. Since this is just the prototype, the future versions would probably be better at handling flexibility, allowing manufacturers to bend them as willed.


Devices, especially smartphones, in the future will be able to support flexible glasses such as these around their edges, enabling more complete availability of texts and images without resorting to full-screen view. I guess having a smartphone entirely made up of flexible glass covering are not exactly out of order.

Corning’s Willow Glass takes to curves easily, conforming itself around circular and spherical shapes easily. The glass is also capable of protecting the sensitive electronic interiors from moisture.

Corning made a name with their Gorilla Glass series, which were notable for their strength and resistance. But while the chemically strengthened Gorilla Glass was robust, the Willow Glass is susceptible to cracking if bent too deeply; their strengths being their lightness and thin profile, and not durability and protection.

So, in terms of strength, Gorilla Glass will stand out higher than Willow. The company will be looking to enhance the glasses’ reliability and durability, but it won’t match the Gorilla in strength.

The WIllow Glass is expected to get into mass production by the second half of 2013, so you can expect devices to be equipped with the ultra-thin glass by early 2014.

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