iPotty for iPad for your Toddler

January 12, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, this might be the most interesting product in the CES: an iPotty for iPad from CTA Digital. As its name suggests, it is helpful for parents to toilet-train their kids.

Basically it is a potty trainer with an iPad stand built into it. The iPotty is compatible with Apple’s iPad2, iPad3 and fourth generation of iPads and is designed to engage kids who feel it difficult to stay at the same spot for too long.

Though the company has no plans to make its own potty training apps in the future, the iPotty currently comes with a handful of potty training apps designed by CTA Digital itself. About its design, the iPotty for iPad comes with an easy-to-clean and removable inner potty bowl, potty seat and splashguard.


A clip-on cover is also provided to convert the potty to a child seat. The adjustable stand has a clear protector to protect the device.

The stand has the ability to rotate the iPad between horizontal and vertical views. It also allows you to adjust the angle of the iPad.

This iPotty for iPad will be on sale in the US in the upcoming months and will cost $39.99. It would make a fine machine for toddlers from six months to three years old.

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