Casio GB-5600 Resembles the Classic Digital Watch from 90’s

January 12, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Casio has kept the promise it made last year that their new model of popular G-Shock Bluetooth-connected watch GB-5600A, for the Japanese market, will make its debut in the US.

Casio introduced their first Bluetooth v4.0 G-Shock GB-6900, during last year’s CES and a few months ago the device was released in the US.

Now the company has added their second device to the series and it is named G-Shock GB-5600A. The GB-5600A looks different from the traditional G- Shock and this time it is more inclined to the classic digital watch from the 90’s.


But still it has all sorts of features like the earlier G-Shock watch. The watch is compatible with an iPhone 5 or 4S using Bluetooth and works with the same free app as the 6900.

We didn’t have more information about its functions, but like its previous version, it can show caller ID and will scroll the currently playing music on your iDevice. It also alerts you to the incoming text messages and emails.

One of the impressive features of the GB-6900 is its ability to buzz when it gets too far away from the iPhone. This latest device too will have this facility.

The GB-5600 will cost around $180 and right now it works only with iPhones. The company is working on an Android app and it will release later this year.

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