Sennheiser MOMENTUM Black Headphones to Notch up Your Acoustic Cravings

January 11, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sennheiser has unveiled their latest set of Headphones, the Momentum Black . The Greatest feature of MOMENTUM will be “perfect fusion of style and substance”.

Already it has become a great hit at CES 2013 with their vibrant combinations of red , silver metal and black, as well as a brilliant display.

The latest set is yet another brilliant display of quality and precision construction as in the earlier series of the company’s urban design precision construction.


There is no room for concern with the sound clarity as the band ‘Sennheiser’ says it and the style adds in to the beauty of this metal. The metallic silver headband made of stainless steel and silver is cushioned by special padding on the top and around the ear-pads with black leather.

And more importantly, the same design will be available in various color sets. The MOMENTUM delivers 110 dB sound pressure and 200 mW load rating.

The whole set weighs well under 200 g (190) to be precise. The tags might look a little heavy though it’s worth the money you pay.

The Momentum headphone will be available for $349.95 while the Black will be hitting your audio equipment collection rather soon.

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