Microsoft Developing Inconspicuous Mode That Might get Patented

January 11, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smartphones have become a part of life, so much that keeping away from one’s device is quite a tough task for some people. Aside from its many usefulness, smartphones pose as a distraction to oneself as well as others, especially in places like a movie theater.

While behaviors are certainly hard to change, there might be ways to aid in using one’s device without disturbing others. Microsoft is trying to patent an application that could possibly help those with itchy fingers.

The company’s team at Redmond is experimenting with an “inconspicuous mode” that would tone down the screen’s brightness and sound.


It would also dim down the information on the display, as in doing away with a bright background and limiting the number of notifications that would grab attention.

The company’s new development can even sense when it’s needed. When you walk into a room, the application will sense certain conditions like darkness and switch the phone’s mode to inconspicuous without asking the user.

Microsoft hasn’t let out too many details, nor do we know whether the company would pursue the patent with gusto. Perhaps we might see future smartphones being gentlemanly after all.

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