Samsung Youm Flexible Display Tech Enthralls at CES 2013

January 10, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After all those talks and rumors on flexible displays, Samsung has unveiled their Youm flexible-display technology at CES’s closing keynote. To describe it in one word would be- awesome.

They demoed the concept tech, but the screens they showed of would be one big revolution in the coming future among devices. A whole new world of form factors and displays have opened up in the different manufacturers’ eyes.

Samsung had with them a few demo units, of 5-inch size. They also showed off to the press a phone-like device that sports a screen that can wrap around the side edges. Texts and messages could be read off easily without the need of going full screen.


The company had one design as a wraparound (reminds you of those wraparound bands you had when you were kids), while another one could be rolled out like a scroll. Samsung has not left many stones unturned in designing such a magnificent display.

The company would be blowing OLED so that the screens would gain a richer black and higher overall contrast ratio along with power efficiency than what is seen with traditional LCD displays.

The screens that Samsung showed up close had still images and videos playing on them, although touch interactions were held off as they were not connected to any CPUs.

The company did not disclose a possible release date nor the amount for which these screens would go. Back in 2011, Samsung had demoed flexible-display technology at the same event, although this time around, their screens had higher pixel displays and larger form factors.

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