RIM BlackBerry10 Devices Will Sport a Range of Price Options

January 10, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Certainly the CES has been hogging the limelight this month. But there’s another event set to take place that could perhaps garner more enthusiasm from techies.

And that is when RIM releases their first two BlackBerry 10 devices later this month. According to a RIM senior executive, the company is planning to spread out their devices over the high, middle and low end of the market, with respect to prices.

As of now, the end of this month should see the launch of a device with a QWERTY keyboard as well as an all-touch smartphone. Following these, RIM’s agenda is to release at least four more BB10 devices this year.


CMO Frank Boulben said that the company is not moving forward with any exclusive deals with any carriers. Their aim at present is to target the different market areas with their new platform and devices.

BlackBerry 10 is the company’s ladder to climb up the smartphone market. Many analysts are of the opinion that RIM’s future will depend largely on how their new OS fares.

The CMO is confident of the platform gaining foothold among consumers and said that around 150 carriers are testing BB10 devices around the world.

Boulben said that BB10 will be equipped with around 70,000 applications when it releases and that it will be having a strong developer support. RIM has been aiming for the top 600 apps in major markets and the company said that their new platform would be compatible with 90 percent of those.

BlackBerry 10 is a redesigned OS featuring a new UI, BlackBerry Flow, which allows users to scroll smoothly between apps. Moreover, BlackBerry Hub merges the user’s various inboxes, messages and notifications.

The CMO admitted that they are taking a risk with their new platform, but they are fully confident of capturing the market and consumers. “We will be competitive,” Boulben said.

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