Expectant Japanese Mothers Can Get 3D Model of Fetus to Show to Family

January 10, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The third dimension is closing in on us from all sides, ranging from 3D smartphones and TVs and cameras to even fetuses. Now, I don’t know whether you would call it sweet or weird, but it definitely comes under some of the more bizarre things of which I have heard.

In Japan, expectant parents can now show firsthand to their friends and families how their little one would look like through 3D model of the fetus. Somehow, it seems weirder than just showing the video or a picture of a sonogram.

The model measures 3.6-inch, built in resin, and is encased in a transparent block shaped in the form of the mother’s body. The model is made by a 3D printer after undergoing an MRI scan.


The ideal time for the scan is eight or nine months into pregnancy. Tomohiro Kinoshita of FASOTEC, the company who offers the service, says that this is a big gift to families.

“As it is only once in a lifetime that you are pregnant with that child, we received requests for these kind of models from pregnant women who… do not want to forget the feelings and experience of that time,” he said. The model titled “Shape of an Angel” costs 100,000 yen (around $1,200) and if you want a miniature version, you can have that too.

The miniature version, according to Kinoshita, serves as a nice adornment to a mobile phone. Well, if you go to Japan now, you might find many young expectant mothers having such a decoration hanging from their smartphones.

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