Felt Audio Pulse Bluetooth Speaker Can Double as a Mic

January 7, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This fellow is good if you are experiencing trouble with your phone speakers. The Felt Audio Pulse Bluetooth Speaker, that comes from the same family as the REWIND Bluetooth Headphones, is tiny fellow that you can clip onto the rear of your phone.

You can have it riding on the back of your mobile using the FELT Audio case or keep it in your pocket, whichever suits you fine. When the device is not locked on to your phone, it’s back can serve as a clip or a stand.

The device is pretty good, and especially useful if you are experiencing cackle instead of clear voice from your phone’s speakers. This little fellow can also double as an omnidirectional mic, thus allowing you to go hands-free when you want to.


There’s a battery inside the speaker that should have it kicking for about four hours on a single charge. You have to charge the device separately from your phone, which is the only let down that I can see.

Four hours of battery life is pretty decent, considering that the other similar gadgets in the market won’t help you that much. The Felt Audio Pulse Bluetooth Speaker will soon be on shelves for $99.

Not such a high price for something this small and useful.

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