Scientists Create Robot that Vomit in Projectile Motion

January 4, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In schools and colleges, students often make robots that fight with each other or play soccer or alternatively solve a maze or something of that sort. But the scientists at British Health and Safety Laboratory may seem more childish.

They have made a robot that can vomit in projectile motion. Though it may seem as a time pass, it is absolutely not.

This robot is made to mimic a human who is affected by winter vomiting bug. This bug is of viral type and can cause projectile vomiting among humans.


No cure or preventive measures have been found against this bug and so yes, this robot will help in determining a cure. Scientists have named this robot ‘Vomiting Larry’ and the name seems appropriate.

Every anatomical aspect of a human affected by winter vomiting bug is taken into account while building this robot. By making Larry, it has helped scientists in finding out that the norovirus ( aka winter vomiting bug ) can travel up to 9.8 feet with the help of projectile vomiting.

Every drop of vomit in that 9.8-foot chain contains enough noroviruses to infect multiple persons as it only takes around 20 particles to fully infect someone. The main symptoms of the disease is projectile vomiting while the other symptoms are diarrhea, nausea, and loss of taste.

Noroviruses can transmit themselves using direct method and indirect method. Direct method is by aerosolization ( between people to people ) and indirect method corresponds to the scenario in which these viruses get transferred by by contaminated consumables like food and water.

Vomiting Larry was made so as to ease the studies regarding this disease by not making actual humans vomit.

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