Samsung NX300 can Switch Between 2D and 3D Without Any Trouble

January 4, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung’s lineup of mirrorless cameras get a new addition in the form of NX300. Those shutterbugs who are a fan of Samsung’s shooters might be interested in getting to know this new boy.

Samsung has a horde of NX models, giving customers a wide range to choose from. But the NX300 packs some distinctive features that sets it apart from its siblings.

And one of the highlighted feature of the successor to NX200 is that it can switch from shooting 2D to 3D as well as vice-versa. It does that without having any change in hardware, and the company is promoting the new fellow as the “first one-lens 3D system capable of capturing both still images and full HD movies.”


The NX300 is equipped with an upgraded CMOS sensor and a new processing engine. The display is still the same 3.31-inch AMOLED touch display, which you can find on the predecessor.

The camera, using an APS-C sensor, captures images at 20.3-megapixels. Moreover, the upgraded hybrid autofocus systems combines phase detection and contrast AF, thus enabling super fast focusing.

The shutter speed is racy at 1/6000, and the maximum ISO is 25600. The device is able to pick up 8.6 frames per second and record videos up to 1080p.

Samsung has filled the device to the brim with a load of their smart features like WiFi, app connectivity, and i-Function controls. The user can make use of their Android or iOS apps to autoshare images, activate remote viewfinder with camera controls and display notification for firmware upgrades.


The camera can be charged using a micro USB, which is something that is not present in very many cameras. While features like automatic scene detection is a cool one, it’s the 2D to 3D and vice-versa that scores the points.

In order to do that, the camera body should be hooked with Samsung’s new 45mm f/1.8 2D/3D lens. The lens’s dual LED shutter clicks into place when the camera is in 3D mode, allowing stereoscopic video and imaging.

Samsung will ship the NX300 in March. You would have to pay $750 to get this device in your hands.

Considering the features on this boy, I should say the money would be well spent.

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