Dad Trolls Son by Hiring In-Game Assassins

January 3, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not a day goes by without a parent yelling at his kid to put down the console and do something useful. The scoldings fall on deaf years and after all these years, the situation hasn’t noticeably changed.

The latest news suggests that a father has gone beyond the ordinary measures. He actually hired more powerful players to assassinate his son’s character so that he might give up his gaming.

Every character he hired was a level more than his son’s character and the dad was sure that his son had no chance competing against these guys. Well, that’s funny and cruel at the same time.


The unfortunate gamer (the son) is Mr.Xiao Feng who is 23 years old. His dad wanted him to find a job that suited him.

But instead, the dad finds him ending up with his console every time. He was doing a job in a software company and he did it for 3 months.

He left it saying that it wasn’t his cup of tea and he again moved on to his favorite leisure- gaming. The concerned dad didn’t want to intervene with his son’s passion by locking his console; rather, he thought of another brilliant way.

By hiring powerful in-game assassins, the dad thought that his son would leave the game as he ended up dying every round. The son, after knowing what his dad had did, told him that he was not addicted to gaming and that he is trying to find a new job as well.

So that ended the whole assassination scheme and hopefully he will get a job soon enough.

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