Apple Fifth-Generation iPhone to Roll Out in Vivid Colors and Different Screen Sizes

January 3, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The new year has always come with rumors and this time also the status quo hasn’t changed. The latest speculations suggests that the next iPhone (although its name is quoted as iPhone 5s, no one is sure yet) will be coming in multiple colors and it might roll out in different screen sizes too.

Brian White, an analyst at Topeka Capital Markets, has made this claim. White says that in addition to the currently offered black and white models, the new iPhone will be available in blue, yellow, pink and silver, like how the iPod Touch is available now.

He also said that the iPhone 4’s successor was named the iPhone 4S and this new iPhone will be “likely called the iPhone 5S”. In his note to investors that was released on Wednesday, he says that phone could be available by the middle of this year, and in his most controversial prediction, he believes that the new iPhone will be available in multiple screen sizes.


During last December, Jefferies analyst, Peter Misek, claimed that a possible update for the iPhone 5 could come in 6 to 8 colors. He also named it ‘iPhone 5S’.

Misek has been already in the news for reporting that the iPhone 4’s successor would be called the iPhone 4S five months before it was released. So probably this one will also be right.

But the different screen sizes is still a puzzling prediction. Is Apple (if at all they do this) trying to get into entry level segments as well?

Or is Apple trying to compete with the monstrous screen sizes of Samsung and LG smartphones? Whatever the intention behind this is, its really nice to see iPhones in various sizes and hopefully by mid-2013, everything will fall into its place.

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