Paris Apple Store Gets Robbed on New Year’s Eve

January 2, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember when we told you that Apple devices were the reason for crime increase in New York City? Although this incident happened on New Years Eve in Paris, it backs up the theory that the New York City Mayor had made earlier.

Apparently, robbers do seem to favor Apple devices more than Android devices. These armed criminals had no problem taking advantage of the festivities to steal goods worth thousands of euros.

The robbers targeted an Apple store located in central Paris on New Year’s Eve hoping that their crime will go unnoticed amidst the celebrations. Needless to say, the plan worked, helping them get what they wanted for New Years Eve.


This is bad news for Apple in more ways than one, as this news will also let the consumers know about Apple’s poor and outdated security system. The event took place just three hours after the store was closed and products ranging from iPhones and iPads to iMac computers were stolen.

While the police department of Paris had no comments to tell the press, the robbers got away with the theft and the company suffers a loss that amounts up to nearly €1m. All that was reported was that there were four masked and armed people that forced their way into the Apple store and escaped in a getaway van after the job was done.

“They were well prepared. As the majority of police were busy watching the Champs Elysées, the robbers took advantage of this opportunity,” said Christophe Crépin, from the police union Unsa.

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