Intel Won’t Debut TV Service at CES

January 2, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With 2 major predators in the TV service segment, Intel has been planning to launch its own dinosaur to sabotage both these carnivores. But it looks like the upcoming CES won’t be the stage for the debut of Intel’s TV service.

But anyhow, newly leaked news suggests that when it does, its going to overthrow all other TV services for sure. So what are these facts? Lets see.

Intel’s TV service will allow users to recall and watch any program aired in the last month on subscribed channels. With this revolutionary feature, users will no longer need to worry about keeping a schedule on what to record.


Users can pull any interesting cricket match or soap opera which was aired over a month and watch it at their convenience. Rumours say that the upcoming Intel TV service might share lots of motion-control features found in Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect device, which is also making a play for the TV market.

Intel will apparently focus on launching the service in select areas where it won’t run into licensing complications from media companies that are hesitant to jump in on new platforms. Meanwhile, the device will be sold on Intel’s website as well as through retail partners.

Looking at the current scenarios, Apple TV now offers a combination of VOD and apps, forcing users to make active choices about their TV viewing and making them browse through catalogs of media before they’re able to watch anything. Intel Media boss, Erik Huggers, dislikes this approach and he wants to replace it with a broadcast-like approach of curated channels that require a minimum of interaction.

In short, the Intel’s TV service can be a major move on the current services, but is it enough to be the prime predator? Only time can unveil that mystery.

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