Samsung TV With Innovative Design and Shape Might Debut at CES

January 1, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung has been popping up in the news with announcements of their new monitors. With the Consumer Electronics Show just around the corner, they have now unveiled their plans to bring out a new TV design.

According to the company, the new design will debut at CES and will feature “a true innovation of TV design.” The company has already released a new teaser video for their product and has declared that it will have “an unprecedented new TV shape and timeless design.”

This is in fact the second teaser. Early last month, Samsung had released one video that promised “something new” for CES 2013. The image shown by the company looks like a TV in portrait orientation, with a thin bezel design.

Samsung TV

CES is a time when Samsung looks to launch prototype TVs, as they did the last time with a 55-inch OLED and 70-inch 4K ultra high definition display. Nowadays, TVs with 16:9 displays are usually shipped, so we don’t know whether a portrait display would go well with consumers.

The company is always on the road, looking for new innovative designs that could help them win over their rivals, particularly Apple. Since there are no more details available regarding this new TV design, we would have to wait till CES commences to find out all about it.

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