Samsung Muse Enriches Music Experience On-The-Go

December 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung has been introducing innovative smartphones into the tech market for years now and they have come up with an intelligent accessory this time. Called the ‘Muse’ this is actually a stand alone music player.

It lets the users sync music from their smartphones or their PCs and this baby will aid you in an unmatched hearing experience while you are driving or jogging or in any movement involving activities. And the reasons for that are simple.

It is elegant, portable, small in size and it provides good quality output. This small pebble-looking device sells for $49.99 direct from Samsung and is optimized to work with specific Samsung phones: the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II, and Galaxy S II Skyrocket.


But it works fine with other smartphones too. The small device includes a clip so you can carry it in a pocket or attach it to your clothing.

The Muse is intended for those who want to exercise while listening to music but don’t want to do so with a phone. It is available in white as well as in blue.

DSC Samsung

There are 5 basic buttons for playing, pausing, volume control and for song forward and reverse. Hold button and shuffle button pops out from the device and there is also a power button which has a 3rd position for enabling ‘SoundAlive Mode’.

Though this mode hasn’t been the recipient of any positive criticism, the device is absolutely delightful in all respects.

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