New York Mayor Blames Apple for Increase in Crime

December 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Do you know the major reason for the crime increase in New York this year? Well, Mayor Bloomberg thinks that Apple is somehow responsible for the increase in theft cases that New York saw in the past year.

We don’t know why the mayor suddenly decided to give such bad publicity to Apple, but he has the numbers to back up his speech. Apparently, in 2012, there was an abnormal increase in crime rates related to thievery.

There were 3,484 major crime incidents throughout all five boroughs and robbers seemed to be targeting Apple devices while doing the crime. The number of stolen devices like the iPhone and iPad increased by 3,890 incidents throughout the year.


The mayor also said that without the increase in Apple device thefts, the crime numbers would be down from the previous year. Looks like Apple would do well to tighten the security systems in their devices, or else they might witness a decrease in sales numbers in the coming year.

Android doesn’t seem to go with thieves because Mayor Bloomberg did not mention the name of any device that support Android. The mayor suggested that New Yorkers keep their Apple devices safe and sound.

He suggested keeping them in their pockets of body-fitting or tighter clothes to keep them from being robbed. This safety measure was suggested as it may be harder for the thief to steal from a jeans pocket than the coat pocket.

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