MiGym Fitness App Revamps Your Gym Workout

December 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With mobile apps stealing the show for so many months now, the latest news suggest something different. When it comes to health and fitness related apps, the only type we can find in the app market are fitness trainers and repetition counters.

But with the MiGym app, anyone (or any gym in that case) can train in different methods, club their activities and even plan their workout regimen. The app do sport a bigger purpose than just being a fitness-related smartphone app.

It virtually encourages its members to be more active in fitness sessions. It adapts social networking methods to connect members with similar fitness routines.


Being connected in that way, it will help them to view, book and manage classes. George Monical, who heads up the MiGym division of Chicago app development shop Solstice Mobile, strongly believes that the app is completely build in the concept of the quantified self and it aims to incorporate its apps into the overall fitness data ecosystem.

As for the near future, MiGym wants to get into direct dealings with the healthcare industry, transmitting all the data it has amassed to the user’s doctor or to their insurer with their consent. So in short, MiGym can make its user physically fit, seek out friends with similar interests and can help doctors to diagnose one’s ailments better.

What more can one ask from an app?

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