Samsung Galaxy S3 Extended Battery Kit Available for Pre-Order in Amazon Germany

December 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A British retailer had an OEM extended battery kit going on pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy S3. This was before we stepped into the pleasures of the holiday season.

The extended battery notched upto 3000mAh, from the 2100mAh battery that came stock with the device. Although that retailer is still taking in orders without any confirmed shipping date, Amazon Germany has gone a step ahead. has listed the Samsung Extended Battery Kit with a release date of January 5. The price tag, matching with the earlier reports, is €39.90.


The expected RRP for the device is £40 (€48) in the UK, so the listed price is certainly low. However, there is no mention on when the kit would get a wider availability.

There is a replacement battery door included with the kit. As reported earlier, the new battery would be coming with full support for NFC, just like in the standard one, and moreover, it doesn’t add any extra thickness to the phone.

Watch the video below showing the extended battery and replacement battery door. The video is in Slovenian, so unless you know the language, you might not follow what he says.

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