MacBook Won’t Have Major Design Changes: DigiTimes

December 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As per the report made by DigiTimes, Taiwanese supply chain sources have said that Apple has recently issued requests for quotations for a number of notebooks. These include the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, with the new models being scheduled to reach consumers in June, 2013.

No viable information was offered regarding the revised MacBook Pro. The main reason for this was that the publication maintained its complete focus on its report on the effect Apple’s MacBook Air will have on the Ultrabook makers next year.

In the report, it was said that the Apple’s thin-and-light is said to be switching to a new processor platform in 2013. It is also said that the processor will be most likely Intel’s next-generation Haswell architecture.


As far as the design is concerned, sources have no expectations that there will be major changes for either product line. While the MacBook Pro line was equipped with Retina display model, non-Retina versions still sport a unibody chassis largely unaltered since its debut in 2008.

There was a total makeover for MacBook Air’s enclosure in 2010, taking on a more angular look as Apple applied design cues learned from its development of the iPad. The most happiest thing that the report conveyed was the suggestion from DigiTimes that Apple may cut MacBook Air prices ahead of the June launch.

But will that be true? According to market analysts, such a move is unlikely because of the reason that Apple has no recent history of discounting products prior to a newer version‘s release.

Looking back an year, Digitimes had made similar acquisitions in May when it incorrectly reported its prediction that Apple would introduce a $799 version of the laptop in the Q3 2012.

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