Hyundai NFC Concept Car Doesn’t Need Keys to Lock and Unlock

December 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

How many times have you wished, on watching a Bond film, for a car like the one 007 drives? You would have dreamed about walking to your car and unlocking it and even starting it with your smartphone.

Well, those dreams were not wild ones at all. We have reached the age where a smartphone can do many things which we are lazy enough not to want to do with our own hands. (Editor’s comment: Besides, it is cool just to impress some people with the latest task the high-tech gadgets can do!)

Hyundai recently displayed their new NFC capability in their smart car. It’s called as the Hyundai “Connectivity Concept” Car and is showcased at the manufacturer’s European headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.


The new concept is labelled under the company’s New Generation i30 car, using Near Field Communication (NFC). The technology works quite smoothly with your NFC enabled smartphone.

You have to pair your smartphone with the NFC tag which is integrated into the car, and all you need to do is tap your smartphone to unlock it. Once inside the car, place your phone on a mat provided so that your handset can stream content into the 7-inch display.

We have seen content streaming before, with the help of Bluetooth and some handy apps. With Hyundai’s new NFC technology, you can enjoy music, video, radio, phone contacts and much more.

Moreover, the mat also acts as a wireless charging dock, so you can charge your phone without the trouble having wires looping on deck. The company utilizes MirrorLink technology for Google Maps GPS, and the system is capable of handling other features as well.

Hyundai might pop in some more applications before they commercialize the technology. We might get to see a bit more details when the company drives into the CES next month.

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