BTPS can Check Cycle Tyre Pressure with Smartphone App

December 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ecological awareness is bringing people back onto the seats of their bicycles. As we turn to our childhood two-wheeler, the maintenance is something which we have to do ourselves with rather than always turning to a workshop.

And the most work we seem to encounter is with the tires. That’s why having this gadget might cut out our job a little.

The BTPS, Bike Tire Pressure System, helps with the real-time air pressure readings. The system is developed by a Swiss material scientist and an American electrical engineer, and it consists of a pressure sensor, circuit board, and battery; and the whole unit is shockproof.


If you use tubeless tires, then the unit is clipped on the rim tape. Otherwise, you will have to stick it right onto the tube.

After you have done so, the system uses Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+ protocols to transfer data to your iOS or Android device, or to a compatible smartwatch. The system has a long life, as the battery is said to pump for about two years.

The device is quite accurate in its readings, and it can accurately measure air pressure ranging from 0 to 174 psi (12 bar). The system is lightweight, around seven grams, so pretty easy to carry about.

Before such a device was developed, riders had to check their tire pressure  by applying an air pressure gauge, and in the process, let out some air. But employing the BTPS means simply checking your iPhone or Android app.

The creators have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds so as to produce the system commercially. You can pledge US$140 and get a set of two tubeless-specific BTPS units when they come out.

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