Intel Clover Trail Chip Works Faster than Some of its ARM Rivals

December 21, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft’s Surface tablet is clashing swords with an Intel-based Windows tablet from Acer. The device apparently does better than ARM-based machines with central processor unit performance benchmarks, but the graphics department falls short.

There is also a bug which is reported to have delayed the release of some of Intel’s tablets. ARM’s latest chip, going by the name of Cortex A15, is faster than Intel’s Atom architecture. But with the exception of that, the latter does take over every other ARM-based core in the market.

HP Envy x2 and Samsung Ativ 500T, that run the full version of Windows 8, both carry Intel’s Atom z2760 “Clover Trail” system-on-a-chip. These tablets are convertibles, meaning they can also be used as a laptop on employing a keyboard dock.


The Clover Trail scores high on its CPU side, when compared with other devices in the Windows RT category. But the GPU doesn’t hold up, and even the iPad reportedly has a better graphics processing unit.

The Clover Trail GPU is slower than the one with Nvidia Tegra 3, as well as the ones in iPad 3 and 4. But on the plus side, the battery longevity is good.

However, the desktop mode doesn’t do well, and gives a sluggish performance. But then the same can be said about some of the other Windows RT tablets too, including the Surface tablet.

As for the bug that seems to stall shipments, Anandtech says that it is not related to power management. According to them, the fix would take time depending on the design; whether OEM went through with Intel’s or their own plans.

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