Sales of Protective Backpacks for Kids Rocket after Sandy Hook Shooting

December 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There were times when only soldiers needed body armor, and that too in the battlefield, during times of war. But our age has been tinted black with insanity, to the point where even small kids need body armor, and that too when attending school.

School shootings are now becoming a thing of norm, and the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary is the latest of such heinous crimes. And the result of that shooting is that sales of body armor for children have risen exponentially.

Amendment II, a company that makes lightweight body armor for the military and police, have turned into the education field due to incidents of school shootings cropping up every now and then. They have come up with Avengers and Disney Princess- themed backpacks for young kids and a SwissGear for teens that sell at $300.


These backpacks are fitted with carbon nanotubes that fends off bullets. After the tragedy in Newtown, Amendment II has made some roaring business, although they haven’t given out any details.

They aren’t the only company, though, that dabs in protective gear for children. There’s another company called BulletBlocker who sells pink floral satchels.

Their products come with a description that says they are specifically “designed as a tool for school safety following the shootings at Columbine and Virginia Tech.” A few other companies too follow such line of products now.

What has the world come to? Has the world turned out to be so dangerous, that even little, innocent children have to wear protective materials that are meant for the military?

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