SkyTender Automated Trolleys Make the Job Easier for Flight Attendant [Video]

December 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

I like air travel. Especially if I get my drinks fast enough.

And as far as I can see, the need for a drink after you have settled down for a long flight is certainly echoed in the minds of other passengers as well. Looking at the crew member pushing the trolley through the aisle, carefully pouring down the drinks, does to an extent test our patience sometimes.

That’s why SkyTender might make the job easier for the cabin crew. While it’s not a fully robotic machine that did cater to our food fancies, it would nevertheless speed up the process a bit more efficiently.

This gadget, at the touch of a button, can stir up more than 30 different types of drinks, and that includes your regular coffee and soft drinks, as well as wine and cocktails. SkyTenders are relatively easy to install.

Hook up the normal trolleys with modular drinks cartridges which use an RFID system and a CO2 cylinder for the dispenser mechanism. There’s a touchscreen display that can aid you in making selections.

With SkyTender, you can fill around 8 gallons of hot and cold water, and can serve up to 290 drinks. A flight attendant would still be needed with the SkyTender, to serve and to change the batteries and cartridges, but her job is quite easier when compared to conventional trolleys.

There’s an environmental aspect to this device too. With servings done from within the machine itself, there are less number of discarded cans and bottles.

Also, during flight turbulence, there aren’t many things on the trolley that could fly off and possibly injure someone. SkyTender took to the skies on its debut flight on board a German airline, WDL Aviation; from Cologne to Palma, Majorca.

There’s a video below that shows how it works and how it can be maintained.

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